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The Daily Telegraph 26 January 2021
Why provide the opportunity to label women’s sport inferior? Unifying cross-country distances is an easy win

The Daily Telegraph 23 December 2020
UK Athletics praised for formally beginning long-awaited push towards gender equality in cross country
Run Equal has successfully campaigned for regional cross country associations to trial equal distances for men and women

The Times 22 December 2020
UK Athletics chief wants gender equality in cross country races

The Daily Telegraph 30 July 2020
Female runners are being left at the starting gun as sport grapples with coronavirus restart

Fast Running 26 May 2020
We all have a role in sporting equality

The Daily Telegraph 24 January 2020
For women, cross country remains stuck in the mud

Women’s Running 24 January 2020
Cross country sexism must be stamped out

Girl Running Late 16 January 2020
Why we should all be running equal

Give Me Sport 14 January 2020
The two year debate on equality in cross country running

Running Magazine Canada November 2019
U Sports Cross-Country: coaches vote for men and women to race 8K in 2020

Runner’s World podcast October 2019
Should men and women run the same distance at cross-country?

The Daily Telegraph April 2019
London Marathon under pressure to make T-shirts for women as design branded ‘sexist’

At London Marathon’s Inspire and Inform Stage with Runner’s World April 2019
RunEqual Campaign

El Pais April 2019
Menos kilómetros y peores premios: ¿por qué las carreras de mujeres aún no conocen la paridad?

The National February 2019
RunEqual campaign calls on UK athletics to follow Scotland’s lead on equality

The Westmorland Gazette February 2019
MP backs Cumbrian cross country gender discrimination campaign
A campaign to end “blatant” gender discrimination in Cumbrian cross country running has won the support of MP Tim Farron, who has described the current situation as “bonkers.”

The Sunday Telegraph January 2019
Athletics chiefs accused of sexism after refusing to allow men and women to run equal distances

Runner’s World December 2018
Should men and women run the same distance at cross-country?

group wearing RunEqual t-shirts

Behobia San Sebastiann November 2018
(One more mile for equality) – pages 60-61

The Monday Debrief October 2018
The fight for equality in cross country continues

Fast Running March 2018
Mixed messages, but cross country equality is moving forward

The Daily Telegraph February 2018
Cross-country is the new battleground as women step up bid for equality

The Guardian February 2018
How was your weekend running?…
Can anyone tell me how I can learn to love cross country?

The Guardian January 2018
Different race lengths for men and women? It’s time things changed

The Daily Telegraph January 2018
Cross country revolt as former GB medal winner Jo Pavey complains shorter women’s race is ‘patronising’

Sky News January 2018
Women bidding for cross country equality

The Independent January 2018
UK athletes call for end to ‘outdated’ gender inequality in cross country races

Evening Standard January 2018
Thousands of athletes back calls for women to be allowed to run equal race distances to men

Guardian Running Blog January 2018
Different race lengths for men and women? It’s time things changed

Outside January 2018
Women and Men Should Race the Same Distance

FloTrack January 2018
How To Solve Cross Country’s Gender Equality Problem

The Cardiffian January 2018
Time to shake-up ‘archaic’ gender inequality in cross-country

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Separate But Unequal: Cross-Country’s Great Distance Debate

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